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My Thoughts on: Endhiran

So today I got to watch Endhiran on the first day :D. It was hard to contain my excitement (as some of you might have seen on twitter) considering I’m a hardcore Rajini fan. I just got back home from the theatres, and here’s what I think about it.

As usual, spoilers ahead… so if you want a pure Endhiran experience without knowing what to expect, stop here.

All of you should be familiar with the hype that this movie has been recieving over the past few years now. It’s got a golden recipe for success… A.R. Rahman on the musical side of things, Shankar’s awesome direction, Ash’s beauty on screen, and of course, Rajini. So it’s only normal that people would expect wild things from this movie. I came out of the theatre with so many different thoughts flying around in my head, so I’ll break them down into sections to avoid confusing you, and myself (mainly myself).


In the music department, Rahman does his job. I can’t say that I felt overwhelmed by the music or anything, but it wasn’t shit. When I first heard the songs a month or so ago, I wasn’t very happy with them, especially after what Rahman had done with Vinnathandi Varuvaaya. But like all Rahman songs, the music started to grow on me, and as the month progressed, I was okay with almost all songs (and i really liked a few too). I was pinning all my hopes on the songs fitting into the movie really well to make them seem like a good album. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Some of the the songs sat really well in the movie, like Irumbile oru idhayam, and other songs sat in the movie like songs in normal tamil movies (almost all the other songs fall in this category), but the last songs, Arima Arima, was probably the worst placed song EVER. Totally random, and out of context, and it just makes you wonder what they were smoking. Sound effects were, again, nothing to write home about.


Okay, I’ve got to say it. the CG in this movie were AMAZING!. Endhiran had some of the most awesome animation and CG characters I have ever seen, and that carries on throughout the movie, until the very end (bear in mind that I’m only talking about the visuals, and the animation here). Kudos to Shankar for trying something so bold, and carrying it off beautifully.

On to the main character here, Rajini does an amazing job (as usual) as Vasi, and as Chitti, and in Kadhal Anukkal, he truly does look like he’s in his late 20s. It was brilliant, and those costumes really worked. Ash, again, looked stunning and she carried off her role pretty well, even though at times you feel like she’s over acting a bit. But we’re talking about the visuals here, and say what you may, Ash is HOT!

Special mention has to be made to Danny Denzongpa, who played his part really well, and pulled off being the bad scientist almost flawlessly. Loved his acting.

Locations were brilliant as well, with Kilimanjaro taking first place in my heart, and Kadhal Anukkal taking a close second. Kilimanjaro because the pyramids at Machu Picchu provide a stunning backdrop, and Kadhal Anukkal just because Rajini looked so awesome in the plain sandy desert.

Story Elements

And here is where things go south. The story starts off really well, and I thoroughly enjoyed the first half. Chitti’s animation really REALLY helps the story as well, with things looking probably as real as they get. There was no place for half assed animation, and Shankar really gave it his all this time (or Kalanithi Maran, rather), to get the best possible animation in there. Chitti’s introduction, where he shows off his dancing and fighting skills is… I honestly have no words for it. It made me literally jump up in my seat. The story progresses really well, and the first fight scene on the train was great! Everything was perfect in there, and things, again, looked great. Sure, like all tamil movies, the laws of physics were bent, but they were bent so well that it looked real. Absolutely no complaints there. Things go really really great till a little beyond the intermission, when we get to the wedding. Chitti returns as bad chitti. He looks really really cool, but at this point, I think what happened was that Shankar got so many ideas that he wanted to put them all in there, which ultimately led to one of the worst climaxes that anyone could have hoped for. I mean, come on!! giant ball made of humans? then a giant snake? then a giant human? really?

At the point of the car chase/fight sequence, I was thinking to my self, “this isn’t working. this could be a really big mistake.” In a sense I was right, but that was not by far the worst mistake of the movie. the next, slightly bigger mistake was the song in between there. Arima Arima was the worst placed song in a movie EVER! (yeah, I said it again, because once just wasn’t enough). I would have walked away a happy rajini fan after that too. But then came the climax. All I could think was “holy crap. What the f*** is wrong with these guys.” It was like they had so many ideas (all of them pretty bad), and they wanted to use them all in what little time they had. But again, even though the ideas were really shit (like fresh out of the bull), the animation of those crap ideas were really impressive.

Comedy was practically non existent, with what little comic relief was provided by the superstar himself, and both the (really good) comedians didn’t do squat. they were just “there” (at times, I even doubted that).

By the time I got to the end of the movie, I was too tired from wondering what the hell was going on, to even bother paying attention to the ending. The basic story was pretty predictable though, and as soon as I saw a second rajini on screen, I knew one of them would go bad, and quite obviously, it had to be the robot.

To sum up

Technologically excellent. It had really, REALLY great animation and CG elements, and some minor visual touches through out the movie really helped set it apart. The only problem was there was no standard setting to it. Every movie has to either be on a personal level or a universal level. This kept jumping between both. There was Vasi vs Chitti for the love of Sana, and suddenly there was an army of chittis taking over the city. Its hard for an audience to keep up with what was going on. Also, things that happen have to happen for a reason. Everything that happens has to answer a simple question. “why?”. And while Shankar was able to provide answers to the first level of ‘Whys’, he completely failed on all other levels. It was technologically awesome and in every other aspect, a little less than average.

As an afternote, I think Rajini plays a mad villain’s role brilliantly, and that laugh gave me the chills while making me want to worship him even more.

If you are a hardcore Rajini Fan, like I am, it’s worth the watch. Same goes to all you Ash fans out there.
If you want to see what you probably never thought you’d see in an indian movie (graphics wise), this is a definite must-watch.
If you’re one of those guys who wants to watch the movie for it’s story, please don’t.

I’d score Endhiran a 6/10.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments.