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You’re Holding it the Wrong Way!!


All of you know about the whole iPhone 4 thing going on right now, and how everyone’s going “ZOMFG!! iPhone4 = best-phone-in-the-world!!” and all that. The first few days after the iPhone’s announcement was particularly bad on the internet and wherever I looked, there’d be something about how the iPhone4 was revolutionary. Well, In a way, it is. It turns out, the iPhone4 is the one phone with the weirdest problem in the smartphone industry. If you hold the phone like how a normal person would, you’d lose all reception on it. :D Isn’t that just awesome …

So naturally, someone contacted Apple about this. I mean, wouldn’t you? Its the phone that you’ve been looking forward to for a “whole month” now. So he emails them, explaining his problem, and being pretty nice too. He gets a quick reply that basically says “don’t hold the phone that way”. In my humble opinion, that has GOT to be the best customer service response EVER. Hit up the source link to read the original story.

source engadget