What it’s like to be the techie

All my life (or atleast the significant parts of it), I’ve considered myself a “techie” if you will. I figured out that I have a natural inclination towards gadgets, electronics, and all things technical. I instantly connected with the internet and instinctively knew what to do, where to do it, and how. Even on a hardware level, I would always have a bigger thrill in tearing things down and figuring out how they work at the bottom most level. Just ask my parents. They probably figured out by now, why my first computer suddenly “stopped working”. But it was all great. I loved new technology, and at times, I was(?) even pompous enough to think I was technically superior to a lot of people around me (sorry guys :P). It was all great. I loved my technically inclined little life, and went on to do my bachelors degree in computer science in the best science college in India. (at this point I would request all my fellow loyolites to suppress their laughter and play along). I was truly happy. couldn’t have asked for a better three years. But after that ended, I went on to start my master ( and finish soon, hopefully) in 3d animation, pursuing my childhood dream. Last July, I started my Masters at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney.

Anyone see the stark difference in the environments I was jumping between? Apart from the obvious fact that it was half way across the world, It was an Arts college. For someone who believed (and still does) that technology is the future, being thrown into the arts world was scary. very VERY scary. Don’t get me wrong, I like art, and I can handle a certain amount of it. COFA is an awesome place to study and learn. The first one year went by smoothly, because I was always told or “recommended” what courses to take up, and I enjoyed them. This semester, however, the people up top ran out of “recommendations”. So I was left to choose a course for myself. So Me, a guy who has been on the technical side of life for 21 years, is given an open choice to take up an art history subject, and the first one he takes up has to be a masters level subject. What did I do? I did what every guy in my position would have done. I went online, looked at all the courses, and took the one that looked the easiest. Oh how wrong I was! This semester I’m stuck with “The art and culture of everyday life”, which is nowhere as easy as it sounds.

But all my whining aside, taking this course helped me in more ways than one. It brought me down from that huge pedestal I had built for myself, It introduced me to a whole new world of art history. (I didn’t say I enjoyed all the help), and is getting quite interesting too. So like a lot of things that life’s been throwing my way, I’m taking this as a positive experience. One that I hope to never have again, but still. Hopefully, I can get through that next 10 weeks.

Reading this back now made me realize that I had completely missed the point of the post, and missed what I wanted to say by a long shot. I guess what I was trying to get across was that the world is filled with tons of different things, and just because you’re good at one of those things, doesn’t mean that you can overcome everything. Putting it artistically, life will always throw different coloured crap on the canvas that is your life. It’s up to you to make something out of it.

I’ll shut up now.


Busy Busy Busy

Sorry people… I’ve been overloaded with work from uni, and haven’t really had any time to think of stuff to post. So, just to stay in he blogging habit, here’s some stuff I’ve been working on. Its the last 10 weeks of my masters, and believe me, I get reminded of that almost every hour. :|

but yeah, it’s all fun, and here’s what I’ve got: (just one pic … don’t wanna spoil things for you guys :P)

hopefully I’ll get more time to put into this blog soon.

C y’all around

Why I think Inception is awesome.

Me and a couple of friends managed to catch a show of Inception after class on Thursday, and by the time Chris Nolan was done with me, I was half way into believing that nothing is real. Before I start on rambling, I’ll warn you guys that there might be spoilers ahead, sop If you want to go ahead and watch the movie first, do that before reading the rest of this post. Come back after you’re done, because it’d be a waste to read anything about the movie and spoil it for yourselves. You could go on to read, but don’t be surprised if you don’t get what the hell I’m talking about. I saw the movie yesterday and I still don’t know what I’m about to write.

Alright so now that we got that out of the way, I’ll start by saying that the movie is shear genius. Just the thought of seeing dreams the way Nolan has shown them is so amazing, and a wee bit scary. Inceptions isn’t a movie with extraordinary visuals like avatar… that was a movie I enjoyed purely for the visuals. There wasn’t much else to it. But Inception on the other hand had such a grand idea, that ordinary locations like hotels and elevators made for some of the sexiest scenes I’ve ever seen on a movie screen. That one scene in the hotel lobby with zero gravity was one of the best action scenes I’ve ever seen. But the concept aside, there was also the editing to credit. The first few scenes were by far the most confusing in the movie, and they throw your senses off and leave so many questions unanswered. This is one of those movies that makes you work to understand it, and quite frankly, it’s been a good while since I’ve seen a movie which has done that. There are no complaints about the acting of the cast members. Everyone played a convincing enough role on the screen. So what IS inception, you ask? Before I answer that, the next few lines are entirely what I understood out of the movie, so feel free to correct me. Oh, and this is about where the spoilers kick in.

Inception is the process of embedding a thought in someone’s head through their dreams. The story revolves around Dom Cobb (Leo DiCaprio) and his team. Dom is an extractor. He goes into people’s dreams and pulls information out of there, that they won’t give up willingly. The team take up a job for Saito (Ken Watanabe) to plant the thought of breaking up his corporate rival’s empire into his rival’s son, Robert Fischer’s (Cillian Murphy) head. In order to make it convincing enough, Dom comes up with a 3 level dream to make to so that it seems like Fischer thinks up the idea all by himself. The team travels through dream levels like a snow fortress, a hotel, a van chase through a city, what they call ‘the limbo’ and what seems to be reality. the limbo is where you end up when you go so deep into sleep that you, and things seems so real that your mind just stops trying to wake up again. Also, in each dream level, time is exponentially faster than the previous level, and hence the whole 4 levels of dreams take place on a flight journey from Sydney to LA. The story has a couple of unexpecteds, like Cobb’s wife, Mal (Marion Collitard) appearing in the dream levels to sabotage their mission. But all these things aside, there is one major unanswered question. The audience is left hanging when it comes to weather the end of the movie is actually reality or not, ad there are some other things that you keep doubting, like how the van falling caused the gravity change in the second level dream, but did not in the third and fourth. But that’s a part of the movie’s beauty, in that you get to come up with your own understanding of things.

Verdict: This is a must watch for those who love intense movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, while working your brain to a point of exhaustion. If you watch the movie and come out of it with every question in your mind, you probably just didn’t pay enough attention. It’s not a movie for when you’re tired and just want to enjoy something nice. But it’s definitely worth a watch.

Score: 9/10

Madrasapattinam Review… fresh off Neon’s blog

MadrasapattinamHey all,

Check out the link for a small review of Madrasapattinam… from what I hear, it’s pretty good and definitely worth a watch. Check it out at http://mendelismental.blogspot.com/2010/07/thoughts-on-madrasapattinam.html

One less mystery to worry about

chicken and eggI’m having mixed emotions about this myself, but some brainy dudes down at the Sheffield and Warwick Universities have finally solved one of humanities greatest mysteries. Mixed emotions because for I’ve always been a fan of science solving the universe’s mysteries, but this one was just so much fun that in my humble opinion, it should have remained unsolved. So now, our kids and grand kids will never have the opportunity to go around school making up weird answers as to which came first, the chicken or the egg… because apparently, it was the chicken… that’s one more fun thing for us to enjoy :|

more details at the http://bit.ly/9AJFp3

What’s this world coming to?

So it was about a year and a half ago that I got introduced to this whole 2012 end of the world stuff that was all over the internet (I know … a bit late but that’s when I started reading stuff other than tech and games on the internet) and to be honest, my reactions were very very mixed. I’ve had conversations with tons of people on this topic and again, I’ve heard mixed thoughts. Some say that it’s outrageous and it’s never gonna happen… others say that it’s definitely coming … and others still, who simply don’t care (or are too busy to care). Personally, there was a part of me that wanted the world to end, and another part of me that told me what a big douchebag that first part was. So I was confused… as usual, and the more I tried to convince myself otherwise, the more convinced I was of it happening. But a good 6 or 7 months later, someone released a movie (2012), and that kinda sealed the topic because it was so outrageously stupid that I completely dismissed the idea… until recently..

natural_disastersNow in my head, the lead up to the end will be filled with crazy random things happening… things that no one would ever expect, or atleast that I wouldn’t expect… and the past year has been full of random $#!t… first up, what’s with all the natural disasters all over the world? It’s kinda scary when theres news of some new disaster every time I sit down to watch the news ( sure that’s not often, but still… ), Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes… yeah if this doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. Added to that is the whole global warming thing. I’ve always been anti global warming, and proud of it. I haven’t done anything significant, but I do what I can, when I can, and I honestly believe that if the world DOES end, it’ll be because of that…

But the one thing that absolutely conviced me that the end was coming soon wasn’t the fact that there were giant holes appearing randomly on streets (Guatemala, Argentina – 31st May 2010), or that there are volcanoes out there that were dormant for the hundreds of years and suddenly decided that now was a good time to melt things and cover Europe in ashes (Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland – 14 April 2010).. No it wasn’t any of these. It was the fact that an octopus can tell us the results of a football game before it happens… The one thing that’s still keeping me sane is the fact that pigs don’t fly yet… and I wouldn’t be surprised if I opened my window tomorrow morning and saw that too…

RSA Animate… pretty cool stuff

When I got up today morning and checked my email, I found that Vipin had posted a video on my facebook wall. For want of anything better to do, I clicked on it and checked it out. Now this isn’t the type of video that I usually watch (it’s all businessy and research type), but at the end of it, I was quite amused so I thought I’d share. Check it out.

The visuals on the video are pretty cool, and I’ll be checking out the RSA youtube channel for more cool stuff. All credits to Vipin for showing me this video.