What it’s like to be the techie

All my life (or atleast the significant parts of it), I’ve considered myself a “techie” if you will. I figured out that I have a natural inclination towards gadgets, electronics, and all things technical. I instantly connected with the internet and instinctively knew what to do, where to do it, and how. Even on a hardware level, I would always have a bigger thrill in tearing things down and figuring out how they work at the bottom most level. Just ask my parents. They probably figured out by now, why my first computer suddenly “stopped working”. But it was all great. I loved new technology, and at times, I was(?) even pompous enough to think I was technically superior to a lot of people around me (sorry guys :P). It was all great. I loved my technically inclined little life, and went on to do my bachelors degree in computer science in the best science college in India. (at this point I would request all my fellow loyolites to suppress their laughter and play along). I was truly happy. couldn’t have asked for a better three years. But after that ended, I went on to start my master ( and finish soon, hopefully) in 3d animation, pursuing my childhood dream. Last July, I started my Masters at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney.

Anyone see the stark difference in the environments I was jumping between? Apart from the obvious fact that it was half way across the world, It was an Arts college. For someone who believed (and still does) that technology is the future, being thrown into the arts world was scary. very VERY scary. Don’t get me wrong, I like art, and I can handle a certain amount of it. COFA is an awesome place to study and learn. The first one year went by smoothly, because I was always told or “recommended” what courses to take up, and I enjoyed them. This semester, however, the people up top ran out of “recommendations”. So I was left to choose a course for myself. So Me, a guy who has been on the technical side of life for 21 years, is given an open choice to take up an art history subject, and the first one he takes up has to be a masters level subject. What did I do? I did what every guy in my position would have done. I went online, looked at all the courses, and took the one that looked the easiest. Oh how wrong I was! This semester I’m stuck with “The art and culture of everyday life”, which is nowhere as easy as it sounds.

But all my whining aside, taking this course helped me in more ways than one. It brought me down from that huge pedestal I had built for myself, It introduced me to a whole new world of art history. (I didn’t say I enjoyed all the help), and is getting quite interesting too. So like a lot of things that life’s been throwing my way, I’m taking this as a positive experience. One that I hope to never have again, but still. Hopefully, I can get through that next 10 weeks.

Reading this back now made me realize that I had completely missed the point of the post, and missed what I wanted to say by a long shot. I guess what I was trying to get across was that the world is filled with tons of different things, and just because you’re good at one of those things, doesn’t mean that you can overcome everything. Putting it artistically, life will always throw different coloured crap on the canvas that is your life. It’s up to you to make something out of it.

I’ll shut up now.

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