Blogging: Round 2

Well look at that. I’m actually getting down to blogging. Some (a very few) of you might know that I did have a blog once before this. It successfully got up to 2 posts and then … just… died… But this is attempt two and I’m determined to do better.

I’m Nikhil (for those of you who don’t know), and I’m quite random, as you’ll see with this blog. After 21 years of being in this world, I decided it’s time to voice my views… about everything! and this is my way of doing it. This blog isn’t going to be anything specific. This is just going to be a space where I get to put anything and everything I feel like writing. Now that’s a bit wide, so let me narrow it down for you guys. Here are some things you’ll see on this blog.

Technology: I’m a techie. I like technology and since there’s so much going on in the tech world now, you’ll see my views on new gadgets, links to good reviews and posts at other blogs, and other technology related stuff.

Photography: I just got a new camera … figure out the rest.

Movies: Yup… I’m normal too sometimes. I watch pretty much any genre and you guys can listen to me rambling on about what I watch. Reviews, Suggestions, blah blah… the usual movie stuff.

Links: Anything Interesting I find on the internet.

Android: I’m crazy about this, so I think it deserves a special mention. I’m an android guy, and you’ll see all kinds of stuff about it on this blog.

aaand that about sums it up. There may be the occasional deviations, but that’s the gist of it. So feel free to comment, voice your views, tell other people about this blog and have fun reading the Chronicles of a Total Nutcase :D

P.S: This is just a temporary theme to get me started. I’ll be working a lot more on a new website and there’ll be a lot of changes soon

    • Shrayas
    • June 25th, 2010

    Haha ! Keep it going bro :D

    Nice attempt. and PLEASE change the theme >.< Its so Local :|

  1. lol alrite alrite… I’ll change it… :P

    EDIT: There :D

    • Chandana
    • June 27th, 2010

    Hey!! Congrats!! Hope to see you break your 2 blog curse!!!

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